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Energy Saving Solutions

LED Lighting In Poole Dorset Saves Energy Bills Up To 30%

LED Lighting
Saves Energy
Bills up to 30%

LED technology has advanced over the past few years and there are many excellent products on the market that can reduce your energy bills considerably and offer a good quality light fitting to enhance your work and home environment. We offer a full lighting design service to replace existing lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.

Energy Saving Controls

Energy Saving

Lighting controls can reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 80%, depending on your existing equipment. Controls can both reduce the amount of power drawn by the lighting system during operation and also the number of operating hours, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Generator Installation In Poole Dorset

Generator Installation

Electric Car Charging Points In Poole Dorset

Electric Car Charging

There are many reasons for individuals or businesses to own their own backup/standby power supply generator. Generators provide an added level of insurance to your daily routine or business operations ensuring uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The inconvenience of a power outage is rarely noticed until you are the victim of an untimely power loss or disruption.

Install Level 3 chargers in the home or business and get electric car ready. 

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